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Examples for Heat Tight Cables

Yet we can do more...

Heat Resistant Cables

We produce connecting cables for applications from +100°C onwards.

Further information ...

For this we use following insulation materials:


PVC +90°C
TPV +125°C
Silicone Rubber +180°C
ECTFE +135°C
ETFE +155°C
FEP +205°C
PFA +260°C

Ceramic Yarns:

E-Glass Fibres +350°C
R-Glass Fibres +650°C
Q-Glass Fibres +1.000°C
Nextel® (® by 3M) +1.200°C

Beside the above mentioned materials we also use additional materials (varnishes, tapes, fillers) for better processability or for increasing the tensile strength.

As conductor material we use copper of all kinds and nickel for higher operation temperatures.