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Diploma Thesis of Vora Dumem (Gorath)


Appendix A

Selection of 10 Example Planets

These maps have been compiled during a year long expedition. Only verified data relics of the WP navigation system have been implemented on these maps. These data relics can be retrieved by means of the "/who" command in the WP navigation system. The author appreciates any correctional or additional input.

Data: JPG, 8 bit,1024 x 980, ca. 250 kB, optimized for b/w print, map backgrounds (c) 2003 SOE Inc.



my deepest appreciation goes to:


Dathomir: Vass Meindras added

Thunderheart (SOE), Spacey (SWG Forum)


Tatooine: Valley of the Wind added

Leno We-Eda (Testcenter), Avallyn Moonrider (Valcyn)


Dathomir: Rhoa Arod added

Tamara' Menaghari (Gorath)


Talus: Lake Bondoma added

Olusx Tsowo (Shadowfire)


Rori: Narlis Fens added

Thjorgeunn an-Lux (Gorath)